MY DAY books

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Started by Nate in 2005, MY DAY is an ongoing self-published chronicle of Portland, it’s hinterlands and the greater Northwest. Nate spends a day drawing his surroundings oftentimes accompanied and co-designed by writers and longtime friends Chris Ashby and James Yeary. Small editions usually under 130 are printed with traditional as well as non-traditional printing, print-making and book binding techniques. Nate, Chris and James distribute the books by hand, at art galleries, independent book stores and through the mail.


My Day #41. “Chopsticks III” AKA, “A temporary hold on a temporary ban”. Xerox, Fold-out, Pochoir, Paint-marker, marker, pencil and pop-up on folded and stapled paper. Variable pages. 2017. Nate&James

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My Day #40. Driving The Dalles ORE to Lewiston IDA. Xerox, Letterpress and Linocut on found paper. 16 pages. 2017. -Nate


My Day #39. Home, in Sellwood. Xerox on construction paper. Variable pages. 2016. -Nate&Chris


My Day #38. Sellwood-Corridor-Downtown. Alternate title: My Day acknowledging that Portland City Hall isn’t doing shit to help end our homeless and housing crisis. Hand printed with paper-relief and letterpress. 6.5″ closed. 24 pages. 2016 . -Nate



My Day #37. Walking West on Wilson r. Highway state road 6. Letterpress on painters tape on xerox. 2016. 24pages. -Nate&James


My Day #36. Thee Titles. Letterpress, Linocut and xerox on found paper. Perfect Binding. 2015-16. 40pages. -Nate&James&Chris


My Day#35. On The Max Year 10. Xerox with classic “zine folds” and linocut. 2015. -Nate

Orton_Nate_CherryOrchard.JPG copy

My Day #34. Walking to the Lyle Cherry Orchard. Xerox and Chine Colle on found paper. 2015. 36pages. -Nate&Chris


My Day #33. Walking E. on Lombard to reach PDX Airport. Xerox with tract, mirror and paper pouch. 2014. 16pages. -Nate&James



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