Mixed Media


Swimming off I84. Mixed media on board. 9X12′. 2019


Man Resting. Mixed media on board. 12X9″. 2019


Figure Roller Skaters. Mixed media on board. 11.5X9″ 2018.


Country Park. Oil and handmade charcoal on illustration board mounted on wood. 9X7″. 2018


Sunrise Over Train Tracks. Gouache on rag Paper. 2016. 8X7.5 inches.


Soccer Players in Empty Duck Pond. Charcoal, Casein and Gouache on rag Paper. 2016. 9X8.5 inches.


The Tramp. Brush Pen, Pencil, Correction Fluid on Rag Paper. 2015. 10.5X14 inches.


These Are Your Colors Too. Brush Pen, Gouache On Rag Paper. 2016. 8X10 Inches.

Orton_Nate_River.JPG copy

The Nehalem River with Sun. Pencil, Casein on rag Paper. 2015. 11X7.5 inches.

Snowstorm at Willamette Falls. Soot, Marble dust, Casein on hardboard. 2014. 31X26 inches.

Orton_Nate_Woodburn.JPG copy

The Tramp. Wood-burn and pencil on found wood.

The River with Rain.Wood-burn and Pencil on cedar

Basketball Game. Wood-burn, pencil on found wood.

The Rain Tree. Wood-burn, oil paint on found wood.

The Columbia Gorge. Wood-burn, charcoal on found wood.


E. Wash. Wood-burn on found wood.


The card players. Wood-burn on found wood.


The Reader. Wood-burn, pastel on found wood.


Boy in room. Wood-burn, pastel on found wood.


Drum Circle. Wood-burn on found wood.

The Child 2. Soot, Gouache on burlap on hardboard. 2013

Spokane Indians Ballplayer. Gouache, soot on burlap on hardboard. 2014

MT Hood. Soot, Gouach, glue on hardboard. 28X44″. 2014.

The Child 3. Soot, Marble dust on burlap on hardboard. 2014

The Tramp. Handmade charcoal, weeds, glue on hardboard. 48X32 inches. 2012

Aqueduct. Handmade charcoal, pencil, weeds on hardboard. 48X28 inches. 2012

The 109 trees and one stump of Oregon Park. India ink on paper. 2011-12


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